Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Freedom of Speech ? #AIB

Right in the middle of all things elections, world cup 2015 preparations of team India and general budget expectations, there were 3 videos uploaded on Youtube that made me laugh my heart out after a  long time, I almost watch the videos 10 times each and shared links with my friends and laughed along with them after a long time, It was a great example by Karan, Arjun & Ranveer to make fun of themselves and have the best sense of humour to laugh at our own and also raise money for a good cause in due course. I don't care what money they made I wanted to say I enjoyed it!

Few days after tweets stared flowing on TL's about a formal enquiry been ordered against #AIB for hurting religious sentiments shit etc; After a few hours all three videos disappeared from the #AIB channel on Youtube. On reading a few stories I realised that how can some one ban my right to laugh? I liked it and I watched it 10 times and laughed! you don't like it just don't watch it, it's as simple as that! Moving on to people getting offended, well give us a break! when the first few seconds of the video says that the following content is vulgar and offensive in the context of stand up comedy, then why watch it and then get offended by it? Now addressing the point on children below 18 watching adult content Hello??? what do you think half of the children on Facebook have wrong date of birth updated, and their parents know this, Facebook has access to all content don't believe me just type "boobs" in the search bar and you will know the answer, pictures and even phone numbers if you are lucky! Few parents I know have even given smart phones better than the phone I use to their children before they hit 10th grade? who is watching what his/her child is viewing on the phone? My point is in-spite of the warnings on the video being 18+ content, there is no point even arguing about this!

One last example suppose you are a vegetarian and you enter a restaurant  that serves vegetarian along with Non-Vegetarian, you call the manager and ask him to not to serve Non-Vegetarian food to any one as you don't like it and you will get offended by anyone eating other than vegetarian food, will that be right? you know the answer is NO!

We Stand By AIB Knockout #AIB