Monday, March 22, 2010

Mohit sardana!

This is something i got meet Mr. Mohit sardana he had some thing to say of a successful person, I would really love to repeat it to all you out there and pass something to you !

These were the words by the man himself "the one who doesn't know, and he doesn't know that he doesn't know is a fool ! ignore him ! and the one who doesn't know and he knows that he doesn't know is a student ! teach him ! and the one who knows and he doesn't know that he knows is asleep ! wake him up ! but the one who knows and he knows that only he knows .....that is a person who is successful ! "

If you don't get these line i'll say read it again and again you'll get it !

God Bless !

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm back !!!

I would first like to apologise to all you guys, I have been not posting my bolg since many months but i promise i will make Time and keep on posting from now onwards.

Let me first share with you a few things that i have learnt, lately i have meet many sudents from all walks of carrer and got to know of a very serious problems about the mind set of the youth now a days, like for example we strive hard to crack the entrance exams for the whole year and some even work hard for more than a year after that get admission in finest institutes of the country and sloging hard for 4 yrs and also compeleting degrees with excellent marks and performing so well and then if the world dosen't step to give a very small thing called placement student quit from their lives !!!

I ask all the students of india what happen to the youth of a country that was gifted with shaeed Bhagat singhji ! if a company dosen't give placements can't we guys aim for entrepreneurship !

Even after this, people don't get my point so this is the example i always put forward ...
"You can't be Mr. Narayan murthy by working for him, Mr. narayan murthy became 'The narayan murthy' just because he didn't got a JOB !!! "
I hope you got my point what I'm tryin to say and spread the word like Aamir did in 3 IDIOTS
Come on people GROW UP !!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Actually its all about clicking more and more images,and i'm not a expert on this but photography is not always about a particular subject in a frame or a natural beauty e.g, sunrise,sunsets or clouds;sometime its about articulating a foolish thing in such a way that it seems beautiful to look at !