Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dharma Way!

I have been Eva dropping(online) on #Dhrama and #Karan Johar for some time, but not religiously just On and Off whenever something is thrown to my face through social media or the newspaper, may be its from tweets of Karan himself or the movies they make. honestly I feel how Dharam is moving from a (stereotyping) typical family/love drama to the real life relation crisis that millennium’s are facing in these times. Rich and poor relation crisis in K3G to the relationship/career choices oriented movies like OK Jaanu (I Didn’t like the movie), backing movies like Gazi attack based on true events. I felt the direction dharma is going it’s the beginning of an upward climb, also they are consciously trying to change its brand image which clearly shows in their movies these days and I think the plan is working.

I don’t know the revenue numbers and how good or bad company is doing but somewhere they are moving to making movies that strikes a chord with the current generation with subjects that other production house will generally not touch. when I walk out of one of their movies thinking I did not like it, I see a group of college students how had a ball, watching the same movie! It’s because they are now making movies for one of the youngest country of the planet. One very important thing which is coming out is they are paying attention to the content that will make numbers and not just putting out content thinking that it will work because of their legacy. 

That’s about it! This was my short take on dharma! lets see what BKD has in store