Friday, March 6, 2015

Stupid Common Man

I want you reading this to imagine a person let me call him "Stupid common man" Heard that term? didn't you? yes!
He as voted, hoped and believed. he knew this will not change over night but still he had that hope in his heart and put his heart on his sleeve and went to the ballot box and voted and said to himself "This is the time! Things will change" came out and yelled "Jai hind!"

All this man has got in return is corruption, scam, rapes etc etc he is only trying to find an answer for one thing "WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END" Every 5 yrs a shadow comes to him and holds his hand to find an answer but this same guy is holding a knife and stabs and runs away!
he gets up! gathers him self, rubs the dust off his shoulders and says I will do it again!

one night a girl is brutally massacred and the devils don't have a drop of shame and the whore of devils in a white collar and a black jacket very logically say, "WHY? Why did you step out? Why did you wear that?"

Stupid common man is really sacred and wants to find how can he save his country? were is the answer? when will this all stop!
He tries to recollect, In school he was thought to yell "Unity in diversity" But when he was growing mom said he is Christian they eat beef, next day he went to school he yelled "Everyone is equal" when he came home dad said "Ask your sister to make food today", now he has grown he went to college they yelled "follow your heart" he came home and mom said you can't marry him he doesn't have money, Its a fact you will not be able to manage!

I don't know where this "Stupid common man is right now wherever he is I know he is in a dark room and crying really hard, I can't see him but I can feel his heavy heart weeping, of course he was back stabbed and miscommunicated every time, but is it really his fault?, we are the reason he is at this state today, we are the reason for what our present is today! Mentality needs to change! start at your house! correct your younger ones and elders that what you were thought in school was right and we need to follow it, for those phrase to come true or else there will be a day when the stupid common man hangs himself with "I quit" written on the wall!